Specialty engineered products

Concrete Form Plywood – Film Faced Plywood

The overlay is a phenolic, resin-impregnated cellulose fibre sheet, which is bonded to the face of a plywood panel under high heat and pressure, forming a hard, durable and smooth surface. Providing enhanced resistance to the high pressure and wet service conditions of concrete construction, overlaid plywood is used primarily for concrete forming in high-rise and residential construction, sports complexes and highway infrastructure.
Overlaid panels provide a smoother concrete surface and more re-uses than standard panels. Re-use potential and fineness of concrete finish increase with the density of the overlay. These panel products are designed to provide exceptional strength, rigidity and dimensional stability with maximum re-use and superior finish.


Thickness: Thickness ranges from 9.5mm to 35.0mm, overlaid on one or both sides.
Panel Size: Standard size is 4’x8’ (1220x2440mm). Customized sizes are 4’x9’ (1220x2745mm), 4’x10’ (1220x3050mm) and 5’x10’ (1525x3050mm).

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