About us

Canada Paper Export Inc. (CPEI) has been in the forest products field, explicitly paper, wood and pulp industry since 2002. CPEI operates as a major Exporter and Importer of Paper, Pulp and wood products from and to North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our company’s phenomenal success and growth to date to a great extent can be attributed to the respect and commitment that we have towards our customers, who are in fact our business partners. We have based the existence and performance of this company on one main principle: A commitment to provide the best grade product and timely delivery to the best satisfaction of our customer’s requirements. With this philosophy in mind, CPEI is developing a long term plan for its future growth. This includes the establishment of two trade/distribution centers in Middle East to facilitate increased exports to the Middle East and Asia markets. As a result, CPEI continues to become a global company with excellence in exporting and local distribution.

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