Lumber Associations

American Forest & Paper Association

American Lumber Standard Committee

CANPLY - Canadian Plywood Association

Canadian Wood Council

Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association

National Frame Building Association

National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association

NOFMA: The Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association

North American Wholesale Lumber Association

Northeast Lumber Manufacturers Association

Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau

Softwood Export Council

West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau

Western Wood Products Association

Canadian Lumbermen's Association

Forest Stewardship Council

B.C. Lumber Trade Council


Paper Associations

American Forest & Paper Association

British Wood Pulp Association

Canadian Paperboard Packaging Association

Corrugated Packaging Council

Forest Products Society

Maine Pulp & Paper Association

National Association of Paper Merchants

Packaging Association of Canada

Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada

Pulp and Paper Products Council

Paper Manufacturers

Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada

Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry

Wisconsin Paper Council


News and Information

GLOBE & MAIL A major Canadian newspaper

National Post Canadian newspaper

New York Times New York City newspaper

CME- FUTURES Delayed lumber futures quotes

RANDOM LENGTHS Lumber industry's most trusted publication

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